Do you want to change your money mindset?
Learn how to get out of debt?
Kickstart your simple budget?
Make your money work harder for you? 
And get on a path to build wealth?

Then my Debt Buster Workbook very well may be the thing you've been looking for! 

Inside The Workbook
You'll Find...


  • Important Money Mindset shifts you can make starting today to kickstart your wealth mindset
  • What a budget is and what it allows you to do
  • Steps to set up a zero-based budget with examples
  • How to track your expenses and stick to your budget throughout the month
  • How to work with an irregular budget for freelancers, contractors, commission-based jobs, and more
  • What your rainy day fund is and why you need one before paying off debt
  • How to catalog and organize your debts
  • The debt snowball method of paying off debt quickly
  • Ways to increase your income or decrease spending to have more money to pay down debt
  • How to stay motivated during your debt-free journey
  • Other ways to build wealth
  • Pro tips, action steps, and additional support resources throughout
  • Recommended books, tools, and content to aid you in your financial journey

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Hey, I'm Joanne.

Four years ago, my husband and I were living paycheck to paycheck, constantly fighting about money, and in $49,000 in debt at the age of 27. 

We knew deep down that there simply had to be a better way to live, because a life full of payments, being constantly stressed about money, and not having anything to show for it was not it.

So, after doing some research, we armed ourselves with personal financial knowledge and a system to pay off debt, which taught us how to budget, organize our debts, and get serious to pay off almost $50,000 in debt in 18 months. (To hear our full story and everything we did to pay off debt, check out this video here.)

Now, we live a life with a positive net worth, financial flexibility, and no debt!

In fact, it was our debt-free journey that inspired me to become a money and mindset coach. I knew that if we could do it, anybody else can, too, with the right knowledge and focus.

Now, I help other people, couples, and families just like yours learn how to transform their finances, pay down debt, and lead a healthier financial future while building a financial legacy and creating the most important part: financial freedom.

Not only that, but I also help individuals release outdated money beliefs, overcome money blocks, and limiting money thoughts to re-shape their money mindset and change their money story.

I hope this Debt Buster Workbook really helps you along the way in your financial journey. Remember, I am always a few clicks away to help you with your personal finances.

Click here to learn more about how we can work together, check out all of my free content on YouTube, or listen to my podcast full of inspirational interviews, the YOU Empowered Podcast