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Stay True To Your Purpose To Build A Successful Business with Kathy Howard of Kathy Howard Portrait



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Kathy Howard is one of my business best friends and has been for such a long time.

I've known her almost as long as her business has been around.

It has been such a tremendous pleasure to watch her develop and flourish as a portrait photographer and sit down to be able to learn the full story behind her brand and business.

In this episode, Kathy dishes on so many things:

  • How she listened to her intuition and turned this passion into a profitable, beautiful photography business
  • Ways shes thoughtfully, mindfully prepares and counters client objections/insecurities as a portrait photographer
  • What she feels makes her client's experience elevated and unique from other photographers
  • That the purpose of her business has always aligned with how she runs her business; and that purpose is that her family comes first.
  • How she has been consistent in setting healthy boundaries with clients in order to provide a better...
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Tune Into Your Internal Business Dialogue To Avoid Big Mistakes with Megan Gillikin, A Southern Soiree

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Megan Gillikin is a fellow podcast friend. I happened to hear an episode of Wedding's For Real where Megan interviewed a dear friend of mine, and I just loved her podcast voice, the way she interviewed, and all of the business information she just gifts to wedding vendors after all of her many years of business experience. And then she reached out to me via email -- it was kismet!

As I listened back to our episode during the editing process, I felt grateful for Megan taking the time to sit down with me on YOU Empowered Podcast because she gets real, honest, and down to the nitty-gritty.

In one hour, Megan dishes on all of the following:

  • How she took over A Southern Soiree, but made the mistake of not asking more questions or diving further into the business before taking the reigns
  • Ways Megan manages overwhelm and prevents burnout in her business (and a key tip on checking in to see how you are doing in your business!)
  • ...
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The Beauty + Business Of Opening A Brick + Mortar With Tracy Trellis, Trellis Beauty


Clean beauty will always be close to my heart. After all, it was my main focus as a makeup artist before clean beauty was cool. 

So, this episode of the YOU Empowered Podcast brings together one of my favorite loves with one of my favorite people and fellow business owners, Tracy Trellis with Trellis Beauty!

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Trellis Beauty is equal parts innovative, inspiring, and impactful.

In everything they do, Trellis Beauty hopes to educate their customers in some way, not just make a sale. Whether you are looking to clean up your beauty routine, take care of your skin, learn a makeup technique, or find a new cult favorite product, Trellis is there for you every step of the way.

In other words, the experience you get at Trellis Beauty is unlike any other makeup shopping experience I've ever encountered.

From constantly testing out and trying new brands, to reducing waste and the impact of beauty waste on the...

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