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Tap Into Your Highest Self With Erika Choriego, Wellness Coach

Jan 04, 2021


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What an episode to kick off a New Year! 

This week, friends, I have on the sweetest, incredibly passionate Erika Choriego.

Erika is a Wellness + Mindset Coach that focuses on the trifecta of nutrition, fitness, and mindset to help women (and men) make the powerful, long-lasting change they wish to see in their lives all the while propelling them towards a future life they envision for themselves. 

Per her words, Erika is obsessed with helping people become the best version of themselves. And when you listen to this episode, you'll feel her passion coming through the speakers! 

In this conversation, we get into:

  • Her moment of enough-is-enough when she decided to take back the power in her life and how she set about doing just that

  • The best way to gain confidence and change lack of belief in yourself

  • A key insight to make sure that the change you are trying to make in your life is long-lasting

  • How one small, daily change can create a positive trajectory in your life

  • How to stay committed and consistent even when you don’t feel like a boss or CEO

  • What non-negotiables are and how to stick to them so that you can show up for yourself daily 

  • Why you have to change your normal to change your life 

  • Using your ‘What Ifs’ to inspire you to take action

  • The highest self-meditation exercise you can execute on yourself

  • Some tools and tips on how to stay aligned with the future vision for yourself

  • How to find support as well as a few tips to support yourself in your personal development journey


Ready to listen? 

Click here to check out the full episode with Erika or simply search for the YOU Empowered Podcast on your favorite podcast listening platform. 

Want to work with or follow along with Erika?

You can contact Erika by heading to her website or follow her on Instagram. Listen to Erika's podcast, Leveling Up In Life, or you can check out her content on YouTube.


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As always, we appreciate you! Thank you so much for listening. 



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