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Start Your Body Love Journey With Boudoir Photographer, Katelyn Scott

Feb 01, 2021


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Let's talk self-love.

On the YOU Empowered Podcast this week, I have special guest, body activist, and boudoir photographer, Katelyn Scott.

As she puts it, Katelyn Scott is a place for all people. We offer body inclusive Boudoir in the Raleigh area for humans of every age, shape, size, gender, color, and creed. This company was founded on the basic principle that all bodies are perfectly made.

Katelyn genuinely feels like women or humans in general who feel more confident in their bodies make better decisions throughout life. When humans are grounded in their bodies, they become better partners, parents, business owners, and just overall better people. 

So, in this powerful self-love episode, we talk about:

  • What body positivity is

  • Tips on starting your body love journey

  • How your self-talk affects your body confidence

  • How becoming the face of her brand has dramatically changed her business

  • Why feeling better in your skin can alter everything in your life

  • The lifetime value of feeling better in your skin and what that is

  • Benefits of using Tik Tok for your business

  • Tips for new boudoir photographers

  • Providing a client experience and what that looks like

  • Importance of joyful movement

  • Empowering yourself to find one thing a day you love about yourself...

Ready to listen? 

Click here to check out the full episode with Katelyn or simply search for the YOU Empowered Podcast on your favorite podcast listening platform. We are on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, YouTube, and more.

Want to work with or follow along with Katelyn?

You can check out Katelyn's work at her website, find her on Instagram, or head on over to her YouTube Channel.

As promised, check out Katelyn's comprehensive lingerie guide for all body types here


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As always, we appreciate you! Thank you so much for listening.  


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