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How To Work Through Imposter Syndrome In Your Business

Apr 05, 2021


Before I get into all the things today about imposter syndrome or fraud complex, I definitely need to share a little bit of my backstory for perspective.

For YEARS when I owned my own business as a freelance makeup artist, I struggled feeling like an imposter.

I would tell myself that everyone else’s work was better.
That those artists had more experience.
They had more education.
They had better clients.
I compared myself to them on social media all the time.

And I allowed it to get me down regularly. 

Can you relate to this at all?


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It wasn’t until about six months ago (almost three years after closing that previous business) that I heard this quote: You need to increase your capacity to create value.

I’ll say that again: You need to increase your capacity business owner to create value for your client.

Let’s break that down a bit more.

All the things you might tell yourself when it comes to being an imposter…

You aren’t smart enough.
You aren’t educated enough.
Confident enough.
Skilled enough.
Talented enough.
Experienced enough.
Good enough.

All of those stem from an area of lack right?

Meaning, we are lacking in some way to provide value to customer or client in some way or you can say you are limited in providing the best customer or client experience.

That’s the friction or frustration you feel internally i.e. imposter syndrome.

The good news is, and this is where value comes in, we can change the area of where we are lacking.


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And by doing so, by learning a new skill, by going out and introducing ourselves to people to get more confident in talking about our business, by continuing to refine what we’ve learned to make the client experience better, by getting that certification, by leveling up our talents… what we are in essence doing is giving our clients more value.

When we make this internal shift from the place of being an imposter because we are lacking in some area to learning all we can, refining our client experience, making our product better, growing in our experience level, we start to build this arsenal of immense value, so that no matter the client, the situation, the job you are hired for -- you know in your heart of hearts that you have so much to offer and are going to give your client or customer tons of incredible value that they have no choice but to hire you.

Now, if I would’ve done this as a makeup artist. I could’ve become a better artist. More experienced. More educated. More everything.

It would’ve completely changed and shaped the way I did business altogether.

But, it's better to learn late than never at all, am I right? 

I hope simple tip will inspire you to take back the power from imposter syndrome and grow in some area of your business to better serve your customer or client.


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