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Must Have Business Tools For Online Business Owners/Digital Entrepreneurs

Dec 22, 2020

There are quite literally hundreds upon hundreds of tools on the market today to help business owners run a more efficient, effective business.

While I have yet to try them all, I have tried a few through owning four different businesses.

In almost eight years of business, I share the best tools I've come across and highly recommend for business owners who are looking to start, grow, and scale an online business. 

Check them out for yourself and see what works well for your unique business. Feel free to use one or use them all, but it's important to find out what works best for you.

Let's get to it. 

(While my opinion is strictly my own, some of these do have an affiliate link where I may receive a small commission if you join, FYI! For more information, read our full disclosure here.)


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Must-Have Business Tools For Online Business Owners



I'm listing Kajabi first, because it is truly the Big Kahuna of my business. Kajabi manages my website, blog, email marketing, events, forms, automations, products, sales, and so much more.
As an online business owner and digital entrepreneur, Kajabi has everything you need to build out that online membership, manage your email subscribers, create beautiful high-converting landing pages, and a heck of a lot more. Seriously, I cannot get into all of the fantastic things that Kajabi can do.
But, if you are looking for a great course creation or online business platform, consider Kajabi. Plus, if you decide to join you'll get your first 14-days free with my Partner link. Not to mention, Kajabi has an entire series of helpful tutorials and blog posts to help you learn and navigate the platform when getting started.
I could go on and on about Kajabi, but instead, I'll refer you to Why I Decided To Switch From Teachable To Kajabi, but also the Seven Reasons Why I Switched To Kajabi for further reference.


FloDesk is email marketing made simple and beautiful. While I do use Kajabi for all of my email sequences and such, I was still feeling like their one-off campaigns were lacking a bit of beauty and pizazz.

So, I somehow found FloDesk and absolutely love it. They make designing, capturing, and sending emails so easy with pre-built, aesthetically pleasing templates, high-converting landing pages, simple segmentations of your audiences, and more. 

Seriously, for the price, I cannot recommend FloDesk enough. If you want to simplify and beautify your marketing emails to your customers, FloDesk might just be the thing for you! 



I have been shouting Tailwind’s name from the rooftops this year albeit I am a little late to the party. Tailwind is an inexpensive service that allows you to schedule out your Pinterest pins, recirculate your best-performing pins, participate in Tailwind tribes to increase your visibility on Pinterest, and more.

It has been my saving grace when it comes to pinning, so I’m not spending all of my time pinning, but still taking full advantage of Pinterest as a major part of my marketing strategy.

The $15 a month price point is well worth the time I save, the benefit of keeping my content visible on Pinterest and referring more traffic to my website and blog. If you use this link, you can get started with PRO for just $15 a month!


Quickbooks Self Employed Online

Most creatives despise managing money, but Quickbooks Self Employed Online makes it an absolute breeze to keep track of your incoming and outgoing. With a simple and easy to navigate interface, you can easily reconcile expenses, view your income, track mileage, and keep up with tax information to send directly to your CPA. You can also download the app to manage your money wherever you go. My favorite part? It’s just $10 a month! Quickbooks does offer a free trial and a discount on your first three months!


By now, Canva should no longer be a secret for online and creative entrepreneurs. Canva is a complimentary online design resource that allows any business owner or brand to curate and create their own graphics.

I use Canva to make my Pinterest pins, YouTube video covers, various social media banners, presentations, etc. I mean, literally everything in my business! It's a fantastic tool to level up your graphics and overall brand.

I pay for the upgraded PRO version, which allows business owners to save their fonts, brand colors, and logos to easily transfer to new graphics they need to create. All in all, if you want to make beautiful visuals for your business and can’t quite afford a professional designer yet, Canva is the way to go!


Acuity is my digital scheduling software. What I love about Acuity is that I am able to easily walk my potential client's through a workflow from my Services page to specific Coaching pages to a Consultation Call or the option for them to make an online, paid appointment directly through Acuity

So, not only with they go ahead and book their appointment through Acuity, but they can fill out a form along with their appointment that helps me to prepare in advance, plus they receive reminders emails, so I can be entirely hands off with the scheduling and reminder process.

Not to mention, Acuity is owned by Squarespace, so I find that it's user-interface is incredibly easy to use and navigate with updates and tweaks being added all the time.


And guys that's it! Those are the main software and tools that I use in my business right now to run my online business. Crazy simple, right? So, I hope one or more of these helps you in running your online business, too. 


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