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7 Ways To Shift Your Mindset For Success

Apr 03, 2021


Developing a success mindset that allows you to create the life of your dreams, meet your goals, build your business, and live a happier life is a constant, continued practice that takes work. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with specific mindset shifts and awareness, you can develop a strong, success mindset over time. 


So, throughout this post, I will share some of the major mindset shifts I’ve made in the past couple of years in my business that have been instrumental in boosting my confidence, my net worth, and how I show up in my business. 


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That’s the first realization or awareness, if you will, you’ve got to shift when it comes to your mindset especially when it comes to creating success in your life (whatever your version of success is, that is), is believing that 1) that success can happen for you no matter where you are from, what your current circumstances are or your socioeconomic background, and 2) most importantly, that success is possible for you no matter what it is you are striving towards. 

Where you are in your life, career, business, relationship, finances, health, what-have-you, is not where you have to end up no matter how sticky, scary, or dire the situation may seem.

]You can make a conscious choice right now in this moment to decide that enough-is-enough, that you have the power within you, nobody else, to make your success happen, but you have to solidify that mindset shift within yourself first before anything else can move forward.




Often, people don’t take action towards their goals or towards success in an area, because they feel hopeless, things feel insurmountable, or they can’t see any other option, but you always have a choice!

You simply have to think outside the box, gain a new perspective, gather more information, look for opportunities, and question everything.

I want you right now to look at your future self and your future life right now with curiosity and hope.

In every situation or circumstance is there another option?
Is there an opportunity to do things differently?
What opportunities can you find or make with where you are and what you have right now?
Is there someone in your community or life that could lend a hand or an insight?

Because people who have mastered their success mindset and built lives they love, always find a solution, a workaround, or think outside of the box when presented with challenges or difficulties. They believe that anything is possible and can be overcome.

So, in this moment, start looking at your future with curiosity and hope because there is always another choice or opportunity out there waiting for you.


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By now, you’ve decided in your mind that anything is possible for you, you have the power within you to make success happen, and you understand that challenges and difficulties are simply a chance to think outside of the box, you’ve made two significant success mindset shifts already. 

But to take those two success mindset shifts even further with the hope and curiosity we’ve created, we also need to think and act as the person we want to become.  

For example, if you want to be healthy, you have to take action and think as a healthy person does; gain knowledge and insight around being healthy, surround yourself with healthy people, workout each day, choose healthier foods, and the like. 

Or if you want to be good with money, you have to think and act like someone who manages their money well, take steps to learn more about budgeting, saving, investing, paying off debt, cultivate a wealth mindset, invest in a personal finance class, etc. 

Even if you are starting from the beginning, you’ve got to start somewhere! We live in an age full of free, quality information, networking opportunities, and resources to become experts in any area at our fingertips. 

I didn’t say that it was going to be easy, but as you shift your thinking and act in accordance with the person you want to become, little by little, day by day, the neural networks and your brain actually shift from old patterns, behaviors, and ways of thinking to the new versions you are creating for yourself.




Another success mindset shift that is so important is to understand that by taking action in accordance with the person you want to become, you’ll gain clarity.

Clarity comes from taking action.

So often, I see business owners, friends, family, and acquaintances not making any progress or change in their lives simply because they don’t know what the journey is going to look like, how to get there, or they fear that they are going to fail, not be good at whatever the thing is, or they feel overwhelmed or indecisive. In other words, they become paralyzed or stagnant in that area.

But, guys, how can we figure things to change our lives and create success out if we don’t take the first step? Nobody who has gone before you knew the journey either, they simply got started.

And with anything that you do, as you gain knowledge, experience, and expertise in that area, you’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t, what you like and what you don’t like, how to do something and not how to do it.

In other words, successful people don’t delay, they dive in and become students to figure things out along the way… They figure out that they can only get better and gain clarity by doing something! 

So, stop overthinking it, and gain clarity by taking action and making the first move today!




I’ve probably had this conversation with other entrepreneurs more times than I can count, but a massive mindset shift you can make is that a bad day or week doesn’t make for a bad life.

I have definitely had weeks where I had a bad day or two and I allow it to totally ruin my entire week! Instead of making better choices and continuing to show up, I instead would waste my entire week by being moody, unproductive, or defeatist. That’s not a healthy or strong mental place to be.

And when I go into that spiral, I start thinking about how my business is failing, how I should just quit, how I’ll never be successful, etc. What a pity party, I know.

But listen, just because you are in mental turmoil does not mean that your life is on fire, it simply means you are having a bad day. And if you are reading this right now, as an entrepreneur, assuredly you will have those days, but I really want you to create mental strength and fortitude by understanding it’s okay to have a bad day or two.

But those bad days, do not mean your business is failing, that you should quit, or that your life sucks, it simply means you had a bad day. 

Additionally to that, give yourself grace in those moments. Walk away from whatever you feel like you are struggling with, gain some new perspective, get outside, take a nap, take a bath, whatever you do that is comforting and healing for you! 

And then, once you’ve had your day, I want you to get right back on the horse the next day and keep going -- that’s developing consistency and a mindset for success!




I worked as a model and an actress for about fifteen years and in that time, I would rely heavily on my agents for potential opportunities and bookings, but here’s the thing I didn’t realize about that 1) I was giving away my power and 2) I was putting the expectations and responsibility of success in their hands.

Yes, it’s important to know and have a network of people who can support you on your journey to success, but you also have to be out there making things happen, working on yourself, perfecting your craft, expanding your skills, and experience. 

For me, in my talent journey, instead of focusing so much on the opportunities or bookings that my agents were or were not getting for me, I could’ve been taking another acting class, working out more, researching how to be better in front of the camera, perfecting my auditioning techniques, networking, what-have-you -- in hindsight, I didn’t realize that I was responsible for my success; they were merely an additional resource to help me along in that journey.

At the end of the day, no matter what you endeavor to do or the life that you want to build, you are the sole responsibility for your success.

Not your parents, your income, your location, your background, your trauma, anything else -- you.

You already have the magic inside of you to make things happen, so right now, if you aren’t where you want to be, think about how you can show up even more to work towards success on your own terms.



I used to think early on that if I opened a business, had a website, was on social media, and the like that these incredible opportunities like being featured in publications, podcasts, major bookings, etc would simply come my way.

But, unfortunately, especially when your business is in obscurity, that’s not the case.

A major success mindset shift is to understand that opportunities don’t arrive, they are created. To say it differently, if you expect or want a certain kind of success in your life or business, you have to either create it or ask for it.

A perfect example would be for me, I wanted to expand my audience and meet more people internationally, so I created two monthly virtual meetups that I host where we’ve had women from New Zealand to the UK to India and back to the US… I’ve been able to collaborate with women from all sorts of businesses, add new clients to my roster, grow my email list, and gain a referral base simply by taking charge and offering to host these meetups.

But, you can also ask for the opportunity. I pitch myself to podcasts and media publications regularly, because it’s a chance for that business owner or media site to get great content to use, but also helps me expand my audience by getting in front of their community of listeners or readers. I don’t get asked to be on every podcast I pitch for, but at the end of this year alone, I’ve picked up six or seven collaborative opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise had!

So, as a business owner or entrepreneur, don’t sit back and wait for success to come to you, you have to go out there and create it for yourself or simply ask for it! This is one of my favorite mindset shifts for success, and I really hope it inspires you to be a more empowered business owner! 

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