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Ways To Market Your Business Without Social Media

Apr 03, 2021


Social media is optional, my friends.

Yes, I said it.

We put so much pressure on ourselves as business owners to “do” social media and for a lot of businesses it is not the ideal way to get clients and sales in the door. 

So, throughout this post, I’m going to give you eleven clever ways, you can actually  grow your business without or outside of social media and have greater growth in the process. 


If you are thinking about setting up stronger social media boundaries, you want to find more advantageous ways to grow your business, you feel sick and tired of marketing on social media, or you want to quit altogether, many of these other opportunities to grow your business will certainly help you no matter which social media camp you might be in.

Let’s get into it.


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The first way to grow your business without social media, which is one of the absolute easiest ways to get people in the door is to simply follow up with previous clients and ask them to hire you again, friends! 

Once people have purchased from you once, they are twice as likely to hire you again granted they had a positive experience. It’s as easy as sending a simple email to follow up and inquiring whether people might need your services again. Or if you are a service-based business that does something like weddings where a client might only hire you once, you could also ask previous clients who you consider your ideal client for referrals! 

I see so many business owners looking to get new clients in the door by cold marketing on social media in an effort to make more money when typically they have an existing audience base right in front of them they can circle back to in order to fill up their client or project roster without all the added hassle of having to warm up those leads. 

If you don’t have any clients in your business right now then keep on reading because my second tip will help you start to get clients even if your current roster is empty. 



The second way you can grow your business without social media, and I remember doing this in my first business as a makeup artist, is to hang out your business flag and tell everyone you are open for business and taking on new clients.  

That means reaching out via email to clients, family, friends, and even fellow business owners you know asking for a single referral! You could even offer some kind of incentive for people who book with you such as a founding member or Family/Friends rate to incentivize people to book. 

The biggest problem you will face in your business is obscurity. And by telling your community you are open for business, they will want to show up and support you by sending people your way.

I will tell you that when I worked as a makeup artist, the first dozen clients or so all came from from family and friends, which in turn then started to build word of mouth. 

Never underestimate the power of the community you already have behind you! 


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The third way you can really start to grow your business without social media is to research and find people who might be your ideal client online and then reach out to them to say hello and tell them a little bit about what you do. 

The trick here is not to be salesy, we are simply just introducing ourselves. Then, after a few months, follow up and send another email asking if there is any way you could work together or if they need your specific services. 

Even if you get a no, you can continue to follow up occasionally, because here’s the thing:

  1. You are getting keeping yourself on top of mind with your ideal client
  2. And two, chances are at some point they will want to hire you or you’ll be in their mind to refer you to someone looking for your services  

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to make deeper connections with people who are potentially an ideal client because you never really know where those connections will lead your business in the future. That’s the power of networking! 



The fourth way you can grow your business without social media is to leverage the power of your list: your email list that is. 

Email marketing is one, if not, the most powerful marketing tool you have in your business. 

One, because you own your list so if other marketing platforms disappear, your list still exists, and two, people see your name pop in their inbox versus competing for space on social media or other marketing channels. 

Popping into someone’s inbox is an incredibly intimate exchange, but not only that, it’s your space to be able to provide high-quality content, serve people, and build your know-like-trust factor, so when you are ready to sell your product or service, you have a primed, engaged, and ready-to-buy community that you’ve been nurturing for awhile!  

Plus, the conversions rates of email marketing versus other marketing platforms is much, much higher. In other words, not only is there much power in your list, but by growing and nurturing an email list you are actually leveraging those emails to make more money.  

If you are not currently using or growing an email list, you are leaving money on the table! I recommend you start today, right now…


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The fifth way to market your business without social media is through content marketing. Now, content marketing is simply that: creating helpful, valuable SEO-driven content, like this post, to release to my community and people who may stumble across my YouTube Channel, blog, or even podcast.  

Content marketing is great because it can come in multiple medium forms, help to solidify you as an expert in your industry, create multiple income streams, be found from people around the world on different platforms, and help to boost your SEO ranking on various search engines, such as you reading this post right now. 

By creating content, you really work to show people what you know or what you do, thus, building that trust factor we talked about already.

On average people need seven touch points in your business before they are ready to buy and creating great content can be many of those touch points to get them to invest in your products or inquire about your services. 

As Gary Vee says, in this day and age, all businesses are media companies first and businesses second, because there is so much advantage and power in leveraging content marketing to make more money online without the use of social media



The sixth way that I am growing my own business without social media that I freaking love and that I have overlooked for far too long is hosting free webinars. 

Webinars are free virtual trainings that you host teaching or talking on a specific topic you are an expert in and that your community wants to learn about. And here’s what happens… 

You put your webinar in the world.
You share it via email, websites like Eventbrite, or pay for targeted ads to drive the right people to the webinar.
People sign up.
You teach the webinar.
People book with you, buy your product or program. 

And here’s the other amazing thing about webinars…

By teaching people the thing they want to learn about, you are attracting your ideal client to you by teaching this training or webinar.

So, in essence, you are cutting through all the people who aren’t interested and getting right to your ideal client without having to do any extra work. 

Plus, once they see you in action, learn from you, and you build trust, they are much more likely to buy given that they need help with x,y, or z and you are that person to help them resolve the problem or issue you their business. 


The seventh way you can grow your business without social media is through collaborations.

Yes, that’s collaborating with other business owners and cross-promoting each other in a variety of ways to get visibility on each other’s businesses and get in front of a new audience.

This could be hosting events together, writing content for each other’s blog, being guests on each other’s podcasts, what-have-you - the ideas are endless.  

Collaborations are really fun, because not only do you help one another get visible with cross-promotion, but you are also putting someone in front of your audience that can continue to serve and help them in whatever industry or niche you might be in.  

So, if you haven’t been collaborating with other business owners, just find other people you might want to connect with through organic networking locally, business meet ups or groups where you live, joining group programs or Masterminds, on Pinterest, YouTube, or even finding them through podcast researching.

There are so many business owners out there looking for more visibility, I mean, isn’t everyone, so you can truly work together to help build each other’s businesses! 




An eighth way to grow without social is simply to get that social proof.

It is much easier to gain trust with potential clients and convert people from your website to book with you or buy your programs or products if you have social proof.

That could be in the form of written or audio testimonials on your website, video testimonials on YouTube, or those wonderful Google reviews that help boost our ranking. 

At the end of the day, if you aren’t capturing social proof and getting feedback and testimonials from clients, it’s hard for people to know whether or not you are worth the investment, but also, how you can help them.

Once they see other real people have hired and worked with you, they can envision themselves in that same place and see the transformation and success your client’s have had inspiring them to want the same!

Not only that, but as you gain social proof, you build word of mouth, and I will tell you from personal experience. Word of mouth is the best and most priceless advertising you can get out in the world hands down!  

So, always, always, always, ask for feedback and for a testimonial or review. In this day and age, video and audio testimonials are much stronger, but if all you can receive are written reviews, that’s fine, too. Something is better than nothing!



The ninth way you can grow your business without social media and one of my favorite marketing tools that people don’t even know exists is Pinterest!

Much like YouTube, Pinterest is a visual search engine; it gives businesses and content creators the opportunity to share and promote their content, products, and services in front of a massive audience.

Pinterest gives businesses priority over personal pins, because they want their users to have the best experience possible on the platform and provide them with fresh, new content daily.

So, if you blog, you podcast, you have a YouTube channel, and you want to grow your email list, promote your products, build credibility, get in front of new eyes, and so much more -- Pinterest is a fantastic place to do all that!  

In fact, if you want to learn all about how to use Pinterest For Business, my Power Up Your Pinterest Course, is a great jumping off point to understand how Pinterest can help you grow your business and the strategies to get started. Click here to learn more about that

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The tenth way you can grow your business without social media is through pitching to the media.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of media sites out there like Huffington Post, Yahoo!, Business Insider, Buzzfeed, I could go on and on… Not to mention local magazines in your area, the local news, your town’s newspaper, etc, all that are looking for contributors, content creators, and interesting stories to bring to their audiences. 

That’s where you come in… You can actually pitch yourself to these media sites to potentially be featured!

That’s right. You write in with a short pitch email about what you are an expert in and how your story, insights, or writing can be of value, then follow up.  

Obviously, they receive hundreds if not thousands of submissions per day, but by bringing them something unique, powerful, or valuable and staying consistent in the follow up process, you will build a digital relationship with these editors and they may very well keep you on top of mind or circle back to you later. 

Now, there is a lot more I could say about this, like how to write your pitching emails, or how to submit, how often to follow up, and the like, but we don’t have time for all of that in this video. Instead, I simply wanted to show you that you can pitch yourself as a means to grow your business without social media.

Now, this isn’t my wheelhouse entirely, but Life Coach, Susie Moore and the author of Stop Checking Your Likes, has great content and a course called, Five Minutes To Famous, (not an affiliate, I just love her work) all about how you can pitch yourself and get featured in major publications from around the world to grow your business. 



The last way that I am growing and marketing my business is by organic networking.

I talked about this a little bit when I mentioned collaborations, but I’m talking about getting out in-person, speaking, attending virtual events, joining group programs and Masterminds, Clubhouse,  attending business conferences, and the like.  

You never know who you will run into or meet that could be a potential collaborator, a big supporter of your business, or a potential client. Also, by simply getting out in front of people, you are filling your pipeline.  

And one of the biggest issues with any business is obscurity, so when you are meeting people and getting eyes on your business, you start to drive traffic, more eyes, and get new leads in the door.

So, no matter what business you are in or who you are, I highly recommend some form of networking in your business that you enjoy and feel comfortable with to market yourself and your business without social media.


With all of that in mind, friends, I hope this post has given you a lot of inspiration and insight into some fantastic ways you can grow your business without marketing on social media or using it much less. 


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